Jimmy Butler Snapchat Name

Yahoo reports that Chicago Bulls guard, Jimmy Butler III, is scared of water.  The USA Basketball team is currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The players sleep on a luxury cruise ship for safety reasons.  That may sound like a great vacation to you but not for Butler.  The 26-year-old hates water so much that he requested a room without a view.

According to Sports Illustrated the players are staying on the Silver Cloud, equipped with spacious suites and private verandas.  One player who won’t be enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean is “Buckets.” Make sure you’re following him and the rest of Team USA on Snapchat: Jimmy Butler’s Snapchat name is Jumpman23:

Jimmy Butler Snapchat Name
Jimmy Butler Snapchat Name

Independent reports that a former Chicago Bulls superstar is also afraid of water: Michael Jordan.  When he was eight his friend passed away in a swimming accident.  Him and his friend were riding the waves when a strong current came in and took him under.  His friend grabbed Michael and would have taken him down with him had Jordan not managed to struggle free at the last minute.

Jimmy Butler Singing Vanessa Carlton

After the team defeated Venezuela 80-45 they celebrated by singing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” The younger players, including Kyrie Irving and DeMar DeRozan loved the sing-along but Carmelo Anthony looked like he was annoyed.  At 32, Melo’s the oldest player on the team.  

By Jason John

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