Is Jessica Javelet Transgender?

Draymond Green and the Dream TeamSnapchat Squad” may have you believing that the Olympics is all fun and games.  The U.S. national rugby team proved that the competition is actually an intense battle between some of the most talented athletes in the world.

NBC reports that the U.S. women’s rugby team gave it their all against top-seeded Australia.  The game ended in a tie, 12-12.  Both the U.S. national rugby team and Australia finished high enough in Pool A to advance to the quarterfinals.  The Americans were very close to pulling off an upset victory but Australia scored as time expired.

Jessica Javelet’s speed enabled her to score back-to-back tries in the second half.  USA Rugby explains that “JJ” is a crossover athlete who played for the U.S. women’s national field hockey team from 2006-2009.  Her athletic ability led some to believe that she’s a man.  Javelet is not transgender.  She was born a female and is still a female.

Jessica Javelet Transgender
Jessica Javelet Transgender

According to Daily Mail two British athletes, born male, are set to compete as women at this year’s Olympics.   The two athletes later revealed that they were afraid of the ridicule they would have received for seeking slots in the Olympics women’s races.  The Huffington Post reports that Lea T recently became the first transgender woman to hold a role in any Olympic ceremony.

As for Javelet, the Americans may go all the way with her on their side.  She’s a three-time All-American who attended the University of Louisville.  Competing in Rio is her dream come true and we can’t wait to see if she can lead the team to a goal medal!

By Jason John

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