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Jayla Marie’s Mom, The Rap Game Star’s Parents

Jayla Marie is the Staten Island emcee that everyone’s been talking about lately.  She’s currently competing on The Rap Game and some argue that Jermaine Dupri has given her too many chances.  On the show’s “Rep Your City” episode, Nia Kay calls out Jayla’s father for writer her rhymes.  Considering the fact that she’s only 11-years-old we can’t knock the hustle.

According to Monsters and Critics the young rapper couldn’t hid their excitement when they found out that Bow Wow was stopping by.  The contestants were anxious to show the rapper their talent and definitely didn’t embarrass Jermaine Dupri.  For those who have only seen Jayla’s father, here’s a picture of the rapper’s mom”

Jayla Marie's Mom, The Rap Game
Jayla Marie’s Mom, The Rap Game
Me and my friend had a heated debate about how important it was to write your own rhymes.  The recent beef between Meek Mill and Drake has everyone thinking that you have to write your own rhymes to be a successful rapper.  These days, that is simply not true.  Some of the most popular songs of all time were written by people other than the artist who performed it.
Collaboration is the key to success in the music industry.  If artist had to write their own raps many people wouldn’t have jobs.  The best artist create content machines, enabling them to deliver the best music on a consistent basis.

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