Jayla Marie Family, The Rap Game

International Business Times reports that the Les Twins appeared on The Rap Game to help the contestants before the challenge was revealed.  Dancing and rapping are two very different skills as the episode proved.  We’re so used to seeing the young emcees delivering lyrics so it was interesting to see them dance.

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According to Ask Kissy rapper Lil Poopy from the show recently landed a Sony record deal.  That’s great news for the show’s current contestants.  Jayla Marie is one of our favorite cast members.  Viewers often wonder about her family so we wanted to share the following images of her parents:

Jayla Marie Family The Rap Game
Jayla Marie Family The Rap Game

The episode also featured the group We Are Toonz.  The contestants got to shoot a music video.  One aspect of the show that I love is the way that it teaches the cast members that the music business is a full time job.  It’s easy to see famous rappers on television and jump to the conclusion that you want their life.

The hard work that the rappers had to put in is often disregarded.  Kanye West provides one of the best examples.  He is currently performing on flying stages but if you go back and listen to The College Dropout you’ll understand just how much work he had to put in.  As he gained success he just kept working harder.