Jay Pharoah Kevin Hart Impression, 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

*Scroll down to see a video of Jay Pharoah’s hilarious impression of comedian Kevin Hart.

The Los Angeles Times reports that rapper, Kanye West spoke for a very long time at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.  We understand that he’s successful but we’re getting sick of hearing about it.  Another entertainer that is starting to feel himself a bit too much is comedian, Kevin Hart.  If you’ve heard any recent interviews featuring the comedian, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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According to Variety Kanye, Adele, Beyonce and Justin Bieber received the most nominations at this year’s show.  For us the real winner was comedian, Jay Antonio Farrow aka Jay Pharoah.  We’ve all attempted to deliver perfect impressions of Kevin but Jay is the grand champ.

Jay Pharoah Kevin Hart Impression 2016 MTV Video Music Awards
Jay Pharoah Kevin Hart Impression 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

It makes sense for a hilarious comedian who is great at impressions to be the best at mocking the hilarious Kevin Hart voice.  If you weren’t watching the television during the skit, then you most likely thought that it was actually Kevin delivering the commentary.

Jay is an impressionist, rapper, actor and stand-up comedian.  As you know, Hart also wears all those crowns.  Just when you thought you were getting sick of Kevin new material arises from the hilarious comedian in the form of Jay Pharoah.

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