Jackie Christie Cognac Bossard

VH1 reports that Jackie Christie had one of the worst meltdowns we’ve ever seen on episode 8 of the show’s fifth season.  As the reality star proclaimed, Angel Brinks can be demanding and Christie did not want to be in her dress.  Instead of trying to make Brinks happy, she should have explained to her that she simply would not be wearing on of her dresses.

According to Bossip this was the first fight of the show’s fifth season.  The reality star can just blame it on the alcohol, especially since she owns it.  Last season, we saw Christie putting the finishing touches on the commercial for cognac and this season she let the world know that she’s willing to fight for it.

Jackie Christie Cognac Bossard
Jackie Christie Cognac Bossard

Jackie is a very busy woman and hasn’t been able to put much time into the venture.  Basketball Wives LA provides a great marketing platform for Jackie but these days if a brand is not active on social media they might as well be shut down.  When you Google the liquor the first result is a mediocre Facebook page that is never updated.

Christie should listen to Brandi Maxiell’s advice and stop drinking.  On episode 8 of season 5 Jackie opens up about how devastated she was after her parents passed away.  When you’re dealing with stressful situations the last thing you need easy access to is liquor.  The reality star should shut down her liquor company and focus on more philanthropy through her nonprofit organization.


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