Is Vivica Fox Dead?

A “R.I.P. Vivica A. Fox” Facebook page was created leading many people to believe that actress, Vivica Anjanetta Fox had died by suicide.  The claim is false, Fox did not take her own life in August 2016.  Instead, the beautiful diva has been sipping on the fountain of youth.  Hello Beautiful reports that she celebrated her 52nd birthday on July 30, 2016 and she looks better than ever.

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According to Deadline the Indiana native has signed on to star in the movie Kinky from writer Jean Claude LaMarre, the writer/director of Chocolate City.  The movie has been described as a sex drama that will be positioned as counter programming to 50 Shades Darker.  Speaking of “50”, Fox’s past with 50 Cent found its way onto Empire as the rapper still can’t accept the fact that the Fox series is a hit.

Is Vivica Fox Dead?
Is Vivica Fox Dead?

50 Cent’s Power, is currently the number 1 series among adults 18-49.  Hopefully the show’s success will convince the rapper that multiple television show can enjoy success, at the same time.  Empire doesn’t have to be bad for Power to succeed.

As Cookie Lyon’s sister, Candace, on Empire, she’s one of the only characters on the show that knows how to get under Cookie’s skin.  The actress appeared in three episodes of the show’s second season and we’re looking forward to seeing her in season 3!

Let’s take a look at her top 10 Instagram pics of all time:

10. When she’s flawless.

9. When she’s celebrating Independence Day.

8. When she’s in the perfect gown.

7. When she’s celebrating Turn Up Tuesday.

6. When she’s congratulating Simone Biles.

5. When she’s taking selfies with her sisters.

4. When she’s with her nephew, Hakeem Lyon.

3. When she’s calling out 50 Cent.

2. When she’s beautiful in blue.

1. When she goes natural for her birthday.