Is Scottie Nell Hughes Transgender?

Scottie Nell Hughes was born a female and is still a female.  She is not transgender.

Raw Story reports that political commentator, Angela Rye, called out Donald Trump, supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes, for using the wrong choice of words while arguing for Trump.  Scottie was discussing Trump’s ability to improve black communities when she referred to African Americans as “those people.”  Rae warned Scottie to choose more appropriate language when discussing the issue.

Daily Caller reports that Ann Coulter recently held her launch party for her new book In Trump We Trust.  In the book she makes her case as to why we should join the Republican Party nominee’s revolution.  Donald Trump surrogate, Scottie Nell Hughes, was one of the people seen at the event.

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According to Raw Story Scottie argues that Trump sacrificed his first two marriages because he’s a job creator.  This is an important point considering the fact that he was recently endorsed by pastor, Creflo Dollar.  Many of the pastor’s supporters have questioned Trump’s past marriages considering the church’s views on divorce.  Hughes recently shared the following tweet, leading many to believe that she is transgender:

Scottie Nell Hughes Transgender?
Scottie Nell Hughes Transgender?
Scottie Nell Hughes is not transgender.  She was born a female and is still a female.  For those unfamiliar with Scottie, she’s a CNN political commentator who describes herself as an official surrogate with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
She has criticized Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton on multiple occasions.  She described Hillary’s comments at the end of the Democratic National Convention sexist.  Who do you think will be the next president of the United States? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.