Is Michael Phelps Wife Transgender? Dating New Girlfriend

Today reports that Michael Fred Phelps II introduced the #PhelpsFace as he gave his rival an intense stare.  “The Baltimore Bullet” earned his 21st gold medal, leading his critics to attack his personal life.  According to recent rumors, his current girlfriend is transgender.  Some even claim that his wife is transgender.

The rumors are connected to Taylor Lianne Chandler, a woman, who was born a man.  She claims that her and the swimmer hooked up and the story is being spread over social media.  When you are as unstoppable as the “Flying Fish” people will do anything to try to distract you.  That’s why athletes like LeBron James take a social media hiatus during the playoffs.

Michael Phelps Wife Transgender Dating Girlfriend
Michael Phelps Wife Transgender Dating Girlfriend
According to Bleacher Report the 31-year-old is an American household name, leading to more ridicule during times like these.  Fans around the world are supporting their national teams as they compete in Rio.  This means that they are more willing to share false information about the Olympians from other countries.
Carmelo Anthony is a fellow Olympian, from Baltimore, who can definitely relate to what Phelps is dealing with.  The NBA All-Star has made some questionable decisions throughout his career, often leading to unfair ridicule.  The media’s microscope generally causes athletes to perform poorly.  

Michael is engaged to Miss California USA 2010, Nicole Johnson.  She was born a woman and is still a woman.  The couple have a newborn named Boomer Robert Phelps who wouldn’t appreciate the lies that people are spreading about his father.
Michael Phelps Son Boomer
Michael Phelps Son Boomer

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