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Is Lud Foe Dead?

If you’ve been on Facebook today you probably noticed the rumor that Chicago rapper, Lud Foe was dead.  According to Complex he’s a Chief Keef disciple who recently released the track “What’s The Issue.” He blew up thanks to his song “187” and a co-sign from Lil’ Durk.  The Chicago emcees teamed up on the “Cuttin Up” remix.

DJ Booth explains that the rapper’s song “Cuttin Up” is his most successful.  The track, which was produced by Kidwond3rbeatz, has over 8 million views and 60,000 likes.  The track features everything you love about drill music.  His violent lyrical content gives listeners a true glimpse of the streets of Chicago.

Is Lud Foe Dead?
Is Lud Foe Dead?

Lud Foe is alive, not dead.  These days, the price of fame includes being a part of false rumors.  The story, which went viral on Facebook, was believed by many because of the increase in crime in Chicago, Illinois.  The city is on pace to top homicide numbers that it hasn’t reached in over a decade.

Some blame the increase in crime on the hot weather while others blame it on the face that illegal handgun laws are too lenient in Chicago.  The fake story reminded me of numerous young Chicago rappers who have been murdered including Lil’ Reese, Lil’ Marc and Lil’ JoJo.  Lud Foe is alive but we’re praying that he stays off the streets of Chicago.

By Jason John

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