Is Laverne Cox A Transgender?

Out reports that Orange is the New Black‘s Laverne Cox, will appear in CBS’s new drama Doubt this fall.  She will make history as the first transgender actress to act in a transgender role in a broadcast series.  For those unfamiliar with the actress, she was born a male, but has completed her transition and now identifies as a female.

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According to Hello Giggles actress, Katherine Heigl is the star of the new legal drama.  While Cox will play Cameron Wirth, Heigl will play Sadie Ellis, a defense attorney who is on trial for murder.  It’s not clear whether he actually committed the murder, an aspect of the show that will lead to much debate.

Laverne Cox Transgender
Laverne Cox Transgender
We applaud CBS for giving Cox the opportunity and we’ll definitely be watching the show.  We can already heard the critics, who are certain to hate on the series.  While there are African American actors who face racism in Hollywood, Laverne is not only black, she’s also transgender.
Think twice before you create your memes and share joke about the actress via social media.  When she was 11-years-old she attempted suicide after realizing that she had developed feelings for some of her male classmates.  She has come a very long way and we can’t wait to see her new show!