Is Jeydon Wale Transgender?

Jeydon Wale is a YouTube star with about 815,000 subscribers.  Anyone who has a YouTube channel understands how difficult it can be to gain subscribers but the 24-year-old has figured it out.  We love how positive he is.  He not only plays a character named Hunter, he also performs amazing acoustic music.

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If you’re unfamiliar with him, check out his YouTube channel as soon as possible.  They say that a smile is a curve with the ability to set everything straight and Jeydon knows how to keep you smiling.  So many of us go through intense stress in our lives and never find an outlet to relax.  The Internet and YouTube specifically are great tools which can be used to discover the positive content needed to overcome your difficulties and live a positive life.

Jeydon Wale Transgender
Jeydon Wale Transgender

Jeydon Wale is transgender.  He came out as a female to male transgender on November 13, 2016.  We love the fact that he was courageous enough to set himself free.  He was most likely worried about what people would think about him if they knew the truth but he finally realized that other people’s opinions don’t matter.  We’re proud of him!

Similar to Justin Bieber, he was born in Canada.  Social media recently attempted to steal Justin’s joy, leading the singer to completely remove himself from the situation, deleting several of his social media accounts.