Is God Transgender? A Response To The New York Times

2016 marks the year that transgender became a trend as oppose to a gender identity.  Daily Mail reports that last year, Chris Mosier became the first transgender athlete to join a national team in the United States.  Since then, the gender identity has been the theme of multiple rumors in Rio: First it was Michael Phelps’ wife then it was Katie Ledecky.

Mark Sameth’s New York Times article “Is God Transgender?” went viral yesterday leading to a variety of reactions.  The article begins with a discussion about Gavin Grimm, the transgender student who resides in Gloucester County, VA.  Grimm was born a female yet he identifies as a male.

Is God Transgender?
Is God Transgender?

In 2015, he sued his school board for not allowing him to use the boys’ bathroom.  He won and the policy was ruled unlawful.  Since then, the Supreme Court has placed a temporary hold on the lower court’s order.  Sameth explains that gender fluidity was the mark of a civilized person in the ancient world.  He brings up an issue that Jamal Lyon has been discussing with Lucious since Empire‘s first season:

“Gender…is more like music: Each of us has a key and a range with which we are most comfortable.  Attuned to ourselves and to one another, we can find happiness and harmony.”

I agree with Mark in regard to that issue yet I don’t think that God belong in the debate.  While many believe that God was male, I believe that God transcends gender.  Transgender is defined as identifying with a gender that is different from the one that corresponds with a person’s sexual designation at birth.  The key here is that although it is not male nor female, it is a gender identity therefore it should not be used to characterize the gender of God.

By Jason John

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