Hit It Right, Hakym’s Video, Angel Love, Basketball Wives

Scroll down to see Angel in the “Hit It Right” video!

We recently wrote an article that provided the videos that Angel Love has appeared in and Hakym’s Hit It Right should have definitely been on that list.  The song features Yung6ix but more importantly the video features everyone’s favorite Basketball Wife.  Initially DJ Duffey was hard on Angel but she has apologized as the Basketball Wives LA star has lost multiple loved ones in the last few weeks.

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BET reports that her brother was killed in New Orleans less than a day after Toya Wright’s brothers were also killed in the city.  When it rains, it pours: Angel’s grandmother passed away a short time after her brother was murdered.

Hit It Right Angel Love
Hit It Right Angel Love
We definitely shouldn’t be hard on DJ Duffey for how she treated Angel especially considering the fact that the show may be scripted.  We can all learn some valuable lessons from the sequence of events.  The person that you’re judging today could be experiencing serious personal obstacles.
Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you.  While DJ Duffey was insulting Angel for being a “video girl” Angel was clapping back by explaining that the DJ had slept with multiple members of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.  We understand that it’s reality TV and they’re just doing it for the ratings, but be careful when you decide to pull a person’s card.  You don’t know what that individual might know about you.

DJ Duffey had everyone checking out Hakym’s “Hit It Right” video when Angel actually appeared in JR Castro’s video for “Get Home (Get Right)”: