Has Bob Costas Had Plastic Surgery?

The Associated Press reports that the Brazilian Bob Costas recently needed to keep his mouth shut.  Carlos Eduardo dos Santos Galvao Bueno is the voice of Brazilian sports and many are kindly asking him to keep his mouth closed.  Before one of the races featuring Michael Phelps, the 66-year-old just would not stop speaking and the world used social media to express how annoying he was.

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According to Sporting News it was the real Robert Quinlan “Bob” Costas who recently needed to keep his mouth closed.  The sportscaster recently stated that Usain Bolt was a bigger deal in Jamaica than Bob Marley and nothing could be farther than the truth.  In the words of rapper, Jay-Z, “Pardon me y’all the great Bob Marley.” Check out the following before and after pictures that reveal the commentator’s plastic surgery.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery
Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

The remark makes as much sense as someone saying that Costas is a more important “Bob” than Bob Marley.  The first mistake the broadcaster made was mixing sports and music which is equivalent to comparing apples and oranges.  While there are some comparisons that work, this is not one of them.

While Usain Bolt is an amazing runner, Bob Marley made timeless music that has been able to withstand the test of time.  He was not only the first Jamaican superstar he was the first reggae artist to gain international success.  Costas should think twice before making such disrespectful comments, similar to the way in which he should have thought twice before getting plastic surgery.