Frank Ocean’s Snapchat Name

Pigeons and Planes explains that Christopher Francis “Frank” Ocean who was born Christopher Edwin Breaux, has finally dropped his new album! It’s been four years since the 28-year-old released channel ORANGE so fans went crazy when Boys Don’t Cry released.  The New Orleans singer is one of the most private people in show business.  He gave his last interview back in 2013.

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According to Pitchfork Snapchat is fully prepared for the new album.  The company has added some new filters inspired by the singer.  One of the filters reads, “Dear Frank Ocean” and the other is a picture of a skeleton with “Waiting for Frank Ocean’s music like…” Make sure you’re following him on the image messaging app.  Frank Ocean’s Snapchat name is ARealGlitterBoy:

Frank Ocean Snapchat Name
Frank Ocean Snapchat Name

Is Frank Ocean Gay?

Back in 2012 he shared a statement via Tumblr revealing that he is gay.  The singer and songwriter explains that he fell in love with a man and states that he felt free.  His fans love his honesty.  He has inspired many people  to be real unapologetic about who they are.  

Frank Ocean’s Boyfriend

In 2012 he introduced the world to his boyfriend, Willy Cartier.  A year later the couple broke up.  The singer is extremely private and we haven’t seen him with a new partner.  If he’s single and Jussie Smollett’s single, why not?

Pitchfork explains that Jamal and Frank have numerous similarities.  They’re both gay and they both have to deal with hip hop’s ignorant attitude towards the LGBT community.