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Fetty Wap, Love And Hip Hop Hollywood, Masika Kalysha’s Baby Daddy

Complex reports that Willie Maxwell II aka Fetty Wap took over the world in 2015 but his recent choice to join the cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood was the wrong move.  He was focused on his hits last year: From “Trap Queen” to “My Way” to “679.” He would most likely still be in the studio if it wasn’t for Masika Kalysha.

According to Bossip Kalysha recently found herself in a battle with fans who have accused her of getting plastic surgery.  Welcome to your new life Fetty Wap.  Rapper like Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne and Drake weren’t worried about reality shows when they were taking over the rap game.  Kanye West didn’t decide to appear on a reality show until he was beyond his prime.

Fetty Wap Love And Hip Hop Hollywood, Masika Kalysha's Baby Daddy
Fetty Wap Love And Hip Hop Hollywood, Masika Kalysha’s Baby Daddy

When you can’t make a record that the world doesn’t love, you don’t go and get a reality chick pregnant, you keep making hits.  Masika is an urban model and singer.  Like the typical artist on the show, she is trying to find success whereas Fetty Wap has had multiple hit records.

The rapper should have taken a closer look at some of his fellow cast mates before making the decision to appear on the show.  This season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood features newcomer, Safaree Samuels, Nicki Minaj’s former boy toy.  Similar to Fetty Wap, Samuels has seen the top of the music industry.  In Safaree’s defense, he saw the top of hip hop thanks to Nicki Minaj whereas Fetty Wap worked hard and dropped classic after classic.

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