Fantasia’s Daughter Now


Fantasia announced that she was a grandmother and we jumped to the conclusion that her daughter, Zion had a baby.  We were wrong.  Zion did not have a baby.

Everyone is getting old except for us! That’s how recent images of Fantasia Monique Barrino’s daughter made us feel.  We guess we’re getting old too.  Is it us or was Fantasia’s daughter, Zion, a baby a few years ago!  Time flies.  You only live once and considering how quickly everyone seems to be aging, you better live everyday like it’s your last.

Ask Kissy reports that the American Idol winner’s 16-year-old, Zion Quari, recently made her a grandmother.  Barrino is currently 32-years-old therefore she had Zion when she was 16.  Like mother, like daughter.  The North Carolina native also has a 3-year-old son named Dallas.  Here are some recent images of Zion:
Fantasia Daughter Now
Fantasia Daughter Now

Zion named her son Khoen.  Fantasia explained that she is no longer the screen saver on her husband’s phone Khoen has replaced her.  The image below shows the singer and her husband, Kendall Taylor, with the beautiful newborn.

Fantasia Granddaughter
Fantasia Granddaughter

We have not met the baby’s father yet but we’re sure we will soon.  It’s time for the singer to put her family on like her last name was Kardashian: Everybody’s working! Her husband, Kendall Taylor, is a businessman and we’re sure that he’s excited to put in some additional hours to ensure that King Khoen is well taken care of.


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