Doug Christie, Coach?

If you watched the previews for the next episode of Basketball Wives LA then you saw Jackie Christie cry when she found out that her husband had accepted a job coaching.  Her husband is former NBA player, Doug Christie, but it doesn’t look like he accepted that coaching position.  The two parties were most likely unable to agree on a contract, a common scenario in these situations.

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The tweets below show a fan of the series asking the former basketball player if he would actually be coaching.  Christie explains that he’ll continue to work as a sports analyst.  As a former player he’s a great analyst.  He is very hard on his former team, the Sacramento Kings which can be very entertaining.

Doug Christie Coach
Doug Christie Coach

When Jackie’s not forcing herself into Angel Love’s drama, she’s being a great wife.  It was interesting to hear Brandi Maxiell analyze Jackie.  On the last episode they went on a double date.  Jackie gave great advice to Brandi and her husband, former NBA basketball player, Jason Maxiell.

Brandi explains that Jackie is a completely different person when her husband is around.  When Jackie is around the females on the show she tends to have fun but when she’s around her husband she is very serious.  Brandi loved her serious side and says that she wants to maintain a relationship with Jackie.