Doug And Jackie Christie’s Son

If there’s one person that I absolutely adore from Basketball Wives LA it’s Jackie Christie.  I knew she was the one when the two Angels were discussing their friendship.  Angel Love called out Angel Brinks for not having her back and Jackie literally made the entire situation about herself.  The best part was that she literally believed that the two Angels had included her in the disagreement despite the fact that she had nothing to do with it.

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According to Centric Jackie has a ritual very similar to Taraji P. Henson’s before she became Cookie Lyon.  In Baby Boy Henson played Yvette and she demanded to smell Jody’s (Tyrese Gibson) private parts to prove that he wasn’t cheating.  Similar to Yvette, Jackie checks her man’s private parts to ensure that he’s been faithful.  Some are unaware that the couple has a son, Douglas Christie, Jr.

Doug And Jackie Christie Son
Doug And Jackie Christie Son

The couple also have a daughter together, Chantel Christie, and Jackie has a daughter from a previous relationship.  The image above shows Douglas Christie, Jr. alongside NBA basketball player, Jamal Crawford.  He’s pulling a Stephen Curry, hanging out with some of the best NBA players in the world at a very early age.

His Twitter page shows that he’s a fan of OVO and he’s a very good basketball player.  If he’s as entertaining as his mother and can hoop like his father, he’s the next LeBron James and we’re all witnesses!