Did Holly Die In Power? Tommy Kills His Girlfriend!?

*This article contains spoilers*

Episode 5 of Power‘s third season was powerful.  XXL reports that 50 Cent was upset about the last episode where his little meat was shown.  Episode 5, “Help Me” didn’t feature the rapper’s private parts but it was one of the best episodes of the show that we have ever seen.

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According to Hot New Hip Hop the show has already been renewed for a fourth season and it’s easy to see why.  for those who wanted to see Ghost and Tommy back together, your wish has been granted.  In episode 4, “Don’t Worry, Baby” Holly hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost.  When Tommy finds out in episode 5, Tommy and Holly get into a heated argument and shove each other around his apartment.

Did Holly Die In Power? Did Tommy Kill Her?
Did Holly Die In Power? Did Tommy Kill Her?

Remember, Holly hasn’t told Tommy that she is pregnant.  Tommy is high on cocaine and he ends up choking her to death, we think.  She falls out and is unresponsive.  Eventually Ghost enters Tommy’s apartment and he finishes the job by burying her.  If Tommy didn’t kill her, then Ghost did, either way, she’s dead.

Tasha is the only person that knows that Holly was pregnant and Tommy will be devastated when he finds out.  Tommy loves kids and has a great relationship with James’ son, Tariq.