Transgender Olympic Athlete, Chris Mosier, As A Woman, Before Transition

Outsports explains that a new Nike commercial featured transgender athlete, Chris Mosier.  The video is a part of the company’s “Unlimited Courage” campaign which features athletes who have had to go above and beyond to compete in the sports that they love.  Chris started his athletic career as a woman and began his transition in 2010.

According to the Human Rights Campaign he was selected for Team USA for the 2016 World Championship.  The accomplishment made him the first trans athlete to join a U.S. nation team different from his biological gender.

Chris Mosier As A Woman Before Transition
Chris Mosier As A Woman Before Transition

The 36-year-old will be on the sprint duathlon men’s team.  Back in January the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled that transgender athletes are eligible for competition even if they had not undergone gender-affirming surgery.  He is allowed to compete at the World Championships but duathlon is not an Olympic sport.  He proves that some men are born in their bodies while others have to fight for it.

Mosier explains that he started to struggle with his gender identity at a very young age.  He was picked on in college for the way he dressed.  People were unsure if he was a male or female.  In 2010, he decided to start his transition.  He changed his name and began receiving testosterone injections.

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