Chris Brown, “Shots Fired”

I was listening to the radio and the host shouts “Chris Brown Shots Fired.”  I immediately panicked because I knew there was a standoff at his house and these days anything is possible when it comes to encounters with police.  Then, the radio host started laughing and played Tank’s 2013 single, “Shots Fired” featuring Chris Brown.

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Free Breezy! We are praying for him and hope he will be able to overcome this horrible incident.  Star Tribune reports that the singer, whose real name is Christopher Maurice Brown, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after actress, Baylee Curran called the police and told them that the singer pointed a gun at her face.

Chris Brown Shots Fired
Chris Brown Shots Fired

According to Fox 13 the singer was transported to downtown Los Angeles after a 14-hour long standoff that was most likely planned.  The extended period of time gave the singer a chance to sober up and get rid of all the drugs.

Baylee Curran couldn’t wait to appear on TMZ to share her side of the story just a few hours after the incident.  Shouldn’t she have been traumatized after the near death experience? Some believe that the judge will be very harsh on Brown following the standoff yet his attorney arrived at the singer’s home during the incident.  There’s no lawyer that lies better than one that was actually at the scene of the alleged crime:

“Standoff!? What standoff!?”