Chris Brown Custody Battle, Nia Guzman Denied

NBC reports that police entered singer, Chris Brown’s home on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.  A woman told police that the singer threatened her with a firearm.  After a 12-hour standoff, the police obtained a search warrant.  The singer and his attorney were escorted out of the house.  Hopefully, the mother of Brown’s daughter, Nia Guzman-Amey won’t attempt to use this incident to attempt to prove that he is not a fit father.

BET reports that Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown destroyed his baby mother, Nia Guzman in court.  The two are currently in a custody battle for their daughter, Royalty, and a judge told her to take several seats.  When you have as much money as Chris you can afford the best lawyers and it really isn’t fair.

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According to Rap Up Guzman had all of her custody requests denied in court.  The judge is clearly a Breezy fan and must have liked his last album, Royalty.  Nia wanted full custody and even wanted the singer monitored during visitations.  Considering his prior altercation with Rihanna, many figured that the judge would side with Guzman but Breezy’s legal team is powerful.

Chris Brown Custody Battle Nia Guzman
Chris Brown Custody Battle Nia Guzman

Nia came in with confidence, attempting to convince the judge to ban the singer’s mother from seeing Royalty.  Now we see why he wanted Karrueche Tran back, Guzman doesn’t have a brain between her ears.  What judge would ban someone’s mother from seeing a child if there is not legitimate reason to do so.  “I don’t like him so don’t let his mother see our child.”
Finally, Guzman wanted to have Brown tested for drugs.  The judge let her know that it wasn’t happening and started playing “Back to Sleep” in the courtroom!