Chanel West Coast, Transformation

This article was written to clear up rumors about Minkus from “Boy Meets World” transforming into rapper, Chanel West Coast.

Variety reports that Minkus will make his return on the “Girl Meets World” finale.  The cast of “Boy Meets World” came together to film the season finale of the show’s spin-off, “Girl Meets World.” Just about everyone from the original series will appear, including Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Minkus!

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According to E! News this isn’t the first reunion the show has staged but it is certainly the largest.  This may be the show’s final farewell.  According to rumors, Disney may not be renewing the show for a fourth season.  Let’s see if we can finally get rid of a rumor involving one of the show’s cast members.

Chanel West Coast Transformation
Chanel West Coast Transformation

Did Chanel West Coast Play Minkus in Boy Meets World?

There’s a rumor that Chelsea Chanel Dudley aka Chanel West Coast played Stuart Minkus in the original series.  Some even believe that Stuart transformed into the California rapper.  Minkus was played by actor, Lee Norris.  The 34-year-old played Stuart in both the original series and its spin-off.
While Norris was filming the original series in the 1990s, Chanel was in New York City nightclubs with her father who was a DJ.  There’s no denying how much they look alike but they are two completely different people.  She’s not transgender and he didn’t become a woman.

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