Chance The Rapper, Beyonce Interrupts MTV VMA Interview

When you deliver a mixtape as amazing as Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book you end up with superstars, like Beyonce, for fans.  When you steal the show with another unforgettable performance, rap geniuses, like Chance the Rapper, get super excited when you show them love.  That’s exactly what happened at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

During Chance’s backstage interview, his “Auntie Yonce” decided to interrupt by giving him a hug.  The rapper was surprised that someone was interrupting him but then he realized who it was.  There’s nothing like happiness, and the Chicago native was unable to control the joy he felt after he realized that it was the singer who was greeting him.

Chance The Rapper, Beyonce MTV VMAs
Chance The Rapper, Beyonce MTV VMAs

Queen Bey gets anything Queen Bey wants or Kanye West will make a long speech about it.  No need for Mr. West this time around.  The singer, who won eight Moonmen at the MTV VMAs wanted some more attention and she received more than she could handle.  When she attempted to keep it moving, both Chance and the reporter begged for her to come back.

Beyonce returned and Chance remained star struck as the reporter informed the singer that she was a Virgo.  Another one of those feel good moments that the award show is known for.


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