Cassie And Diddy’s Relationship: Engaged Or Over?

TMZ reports that Sean John Combs aka “Diddy” had a crazy argument with his fiancé Cassandra “Cassie” Elizabeth Ventura.  The cops were called and rushed to their home.  The rapper’s anger problems have been exposed after yet another incident.  At 46-years-old you would think that Puff would be starting to calm down, but he’s been more active than ever.

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According to XXL Cassie is desperate to call the relationship off yet Poppa Puff isn’t willing to do so.  It’s definitely his control issues.  When you’ve been in the game for as long as he has you’re not used to not getting your way.  Cassie turns 30-years-old on August 26, 2016 and is finally tired of being treated like a side chick.

Cassie and Diddy's Relationship, Engaged?
Cassie and Diddy’s Relationship, Engaged?
The two entertainers were both in a vehicle at Cassie’s house when the singer told Diddy that she wanted to breakup.  Like any real man would, he took her phone.  The couple got engaged back in 2014 but they’re not married.  That is most likely the root of their issues.
Cassie entered the relationship when she was unsure about what she wanted for herself and she can finally see clearly now.  Diddy is nearly 20 years older than her and already has kids.  That may not have seemed like a major issue at first but at 30-years-old your mid-life crisis begins.  She doesn’t want to be Diddy’s side chick forever.