Carmelo Anthony Warner Bros “WB” Tattoo, Explained

Screengrabber explains that Carmelo Kyam Anthony got emotional after winning his third gold medal with Team USA.  That’s right, the U.S. men’s basketball team destroyed Serbia to win their third straight gold medal and Melo was very happy about it.  That’s three gold medals in four tries for the New York Knicks superstar.

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According to CBS Sports he first represented Team USA over a decade ago when the team won a bronze medal under Larry Brown.  At 32-years-old, Melo was the oldest player on the team this year.  It was quite amusing to see the younger players force him to use Snapchat which he eventually embraced.

Carmelo Anthony Warner Bros WB Tattoo
Carmelo Anthony Warner Bros WB Tattoo

All this success is great for a kid from “West Baltimore” who loved the game of basketball.  The “WB” tattoo on Melo’s shoulder stands for “West Baltimore.” Melo wasn’t born in Maryland, instead, he was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Many are unaware that his father is Puerto Rican, which explains why Melo has a Puerto Rico flag tattooed on his hand.

There’s one final piece of gold that the small forward is desperately attempting to get his hands on, the NBA Championship trophy.  The Knicks are doing everything that they can to help Melo earn that trophy, adding Derrick Rose to their roster along with New York native, Joakim Noah.  It’s now or never Melo!