Brittish Williams, Lorenzo Gordon 2016 Basketball Wives to Marriage Boot Camp

This article discusses former Basketball Wives LA and current Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars cast members, Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon.

Daily Mail reports that Tara Reid recently admitted that she faked a relationship with Dean May in order tot appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.  When the “couple” thought there were no cameras around they were caught discussing the fact that they were just friends.  Unlike Tara and Dean, Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon definitely weren’t faking their relationship.

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Bossip explains that Lorenzo cheated on Brittish on the third season of Basketball Wives LA leading her to breakdown.  The couple eventually broke up but of course she has given him another chance.  It’s difficult to keep up with the on-again, off-again couple.  Last year, she broke up with him on his birthday.

Brittish Williams Lorenzo Gordon 2016
Brittish Williams Lorenzo Gordon 2016

On the Friday, August 5, 2016 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the couples ask each other questions while connected to a lie detector.  Brittish asked the basketball player if he cheated on her the night that he came home at 5 AM.  He told her that he wasn’t with another female but the polygraph revealed that he was lying.

Gordon asked Williams if she would still love him if he were broke.  She claimed that she would still be with him if he didn’t have any money and the lie detector test showed that she was telling the truth.  We’re not wishing for anything bad to happen to the former hoop star, but he better hope that karma doesn’t catch up with him.