Brandi Boyd, Store: Jhalae Couture

International Business Times reports that Brandi Boyd was keeping a huge secret from her husband Max in episode 3 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s third season.  VH1 chose the perfect title for the episode: “For the Love of Money.”  Brandi (“Lil B”) and her business partner already had an online store for their brand, Jhalae Couture but Lil B wanted to expand.

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It’s all about taking that leap of faith but you can’t forget how important it is to be honest with your loved ones.  Lil B makes the situation worse by using Princess Love to cover up the lies she was telling her husband.  Ray J and Lil B are best friends so Princess Love knows that he’ll ask her about what she has been up to and Princess doesn’t want to lie to her fiancé.

Brandi Boyd Store Jhalae Couture
Brandi Boyd Store Jhalae Couture

Princess throws Burnside under the bus by telling Ray J what she did with the $27,000 that Max gave her for their son.  Ray J promises not to tell Max about Lil B’s secrets yet he does something even worse.  He tells Max that he’ll help him find out what Burnside has been up to behind his back.

Brandi somehow thinks that telling Max the truth at her launch party is a good idea.  When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging! Max shows up and Burnside finally comes clean.  Max gets upset and leaves.  Brandi knows that she’s wrong so she decides to put on a show.  She jumps on Max’s car to try to convince him to stay but once she gets off his vehicle, he speeds away.