Bastian Yotta’s Snapchat Name

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Daily Mail reports that Beverly Hills playboy, Bastian Yotta, was once poor and fat but now he is in shape and spends over $100,000 a month on his lavish lifestyle.  He calls it the “Yotta Life” and he does it big.  When we first heard the story we thought it was another Instagram scam but he’s the real deal.

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According to New York Daily News has transformed himself and is now living the life that he always desired.  He’s not shy about sharing his personal life with the world so make sure you’re following him on social media.  Bastian Yotta’s Snapchat name is Yotta-Life:

Bastian Yotta Snapchat Name
Bastian Yotta Snapchat Name

He explains that one day he created a vision for himself and he decided that he was willing to do anything to accomplish his goals.  He didn’t need Drake to convince him that you only live once, instead, he knows it and he lives everyday like it’s his last.  He’s an entrepreneur who founded multiple beauty and software companies.

As a child he watched shows like Baywatch and dreamed of a life in California.  Since then, he has made his dreams come true.  Him and his wife actually had to move to California from Germany because there were so many haters in Germany.  They blend in perfectly in California.