Bambi, Basketball Wives LA To Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

The last VH1 Live Facebook video, which can be seen below, featured Malaysia Pargo and Lil’ Scrappy.  If you’re like me, you were probably wondering why a Basketball Wives LA star was on the show with a Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member.  There’s something that the two reality stars have in common: Bambi.

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The rapper is of course married to “The Bam” while she is Malaysia’s children’s godmother.  Inquisitr reports that Lil’ Scrappy’s baby mama, Erica Dixon, recently revealed that the rapper attempted to get back with her.  She explained that although she is happy for the couple the rapper called her over 20 times before he finally gave up and decided to ask “The Bam” to marry him.

Bambi Basketball Wives LA Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Bambi Basketball Wives LA Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

According to International Business Times Part 1 of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion featured Mrs. Scrappy calling out Betty Idol.  Momma Dee loves Betty and wanted her son to be with her.  Even when he refuses she continues to try to persuade him that Idol was perfect.  This made “The Bam” feel threatened.

Bambi doesn’t even give Betty Idol a chance to speak during the reunion.  The two get into a heated argument and Betty is eventually escorted off the set.  Besides Erica and Betty there was also Jessica Dime, who Scrappy was also linked to.  Watch you man or you’ll be on your third VH1 reality show: Marriage Boot Camp.