Keith Tisdell Sentenced For Stealing From Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl LLC

We were all excited to hear that Laz Delgado aka Adam Rodriguez landed a role on Criminal Minds but the show is spiraling out of control.

The actors on CBS’s Criminal Minds have criminal mentalities.  We guess that’s why the show is so good.  We recently told you about actor, Thomas Gibson, assaulting one of the show’s writers but he’s not the only actor who’s been breaking the law lately.  US Weekly reports that Keith Tisdell, a guest actor on Criminal Minds, robbed Shemar Moore for over $60,000.

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According to Fox News Tisdell appeared in two episodes of the show and became friend with Moore off-set.  As FBI agent, Derek Morgan, the actor had the ability to see a criminal coming from miles away.  There’s television and then there’s reality.  Shemar has a charity called Baby Girl, LLC which he started to help battle multiple sclerosis.

Baby Girl LLC Shemar Moore Keith Tisdell
Baby Girl LLC Shemar Moore Keith Tisdell

The actor started the charity after his mother was diagnosed with the disease.  He named the charity “Baby Girl” because it’s a phrase he often called Penelope Garcia (Kristen Vangsness) on the show.  To help Tisdell, Moore gave him the opportunity to be involved with the organization.  Back in January 2016, Tisdell was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement and he eventually admitted to grand theft.

The situation proves how difficult it can be to give people a helping hand.  Moore started the organization for his mother and attempted to help a friend.  As a thank you, his friend steals from him.