Angel Brinks Baby Daddy

In episode 8 of Basketball Wives LA‘s fifth season, Angel Brinks and Jackie Christie had a major misunderstanding.  Jackie didn’t like how one of Angel’s dresses fit her so she told her that she would wear something different.  Angel got upset and persuaded Jackie to wear the dress that she designed.

Jackie agree to wear the dress designed by Brinks but its not ready on time.  When Jackie finally puts it on, the dress is way too tight, leading Jackie to act the fool at Brinks’ event.  As Brandi Maxiell explained, Jackie’s husband has to be around for her to act like she has sense.  Luckily, Angel Brinks’ baby daddy doesn’t have to be around for the talented fashion designer to act reasonable.

Here are some recent pictures of Angel’s beautiful daughter:

Tyreke Evans Daughter
Tyreke Evans Daughter

Angel Brinks Daughter
Angel Brinks Daughter

StyleCaster explains that Angel Brinks is the talented designer that creates leggings and minidresses for celebrities like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.  According to VH1 she’s one of the returning cast members on the hit series “Basketball Wives LA.” So who’s the beautiful diva’s husband!?

She’s not married.  Angel Brinks’ baby daddy is NBA basketball player, Tyreke Jamir Evans.  He is currently the shooting guard for the New Orleans Pelicans.  The Pennsylvania-native was the 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year.  He is currently 26-years-old and recently underwent knee surgery.
Angel Brinks Baby Daddy
Angel Brinks Baby Daddy


Her parents are Armenian but she grew up in Los Angeles, California.  Growing up, her parents put a substantial amount of pressure on her and advised her to focus on school to become a doctor or lawyer.  She started doing ballet when she was three-years-old and has always had a creative mind.

Basketball Wives LA

Here’s everything you need to know about Angel:
  • Her and Tyreke have a daughter named Amani
  • She had a son from a previous relationship
  • She’s a fashion designer who started out with just leggings
  • She is the founder and CEO of Angel Brinks Fashion
  • She’s friends with Draya Michele
  • Last season her and Malaysia didn’t get along because Malaysia refused to wear her lingerie

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