Why Does Kylie Jenner Have A Scar On Her Leg?

Entertainment Tonight reports that the scar on Kylie Jenner’s leg came from an accident when she was five years old.  According to Celebuzz, her and Kendall were playing hide and seek and KyKy hid inside a tall enclosed gate.  After her sister couldn’t find her, the model climbed up a pole that was sticking out from the gate.  She slipped and the pole went into her leg.

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The wound ensure that she’ll always remember that game of hide and seek.  The model proves that beauty is not flawless instead it shines through your flaws.  She never hides it and we adore her confidence.
Why Does Kylie Jenner Have A Scar On Her Leg?
Why Does Kylie Jenner Have A Scar On Her Leg?


The wound may not have been the only thing that caught your eye in the image above.  The socialite is back with rapper Tyga and we’re not sure how we feel about it.  The 18-year-old confirmed that her and the rapper were back together on July 4 via Instagram.

Kylie Cosmetics

TMZ reports that her cosmetics company recently received a horrible (“F”) rating from the Better Business Bureau.  The grade came after numerous customer complaints about KyKy’s lip kits.
One of the company’s executives called the BBB and reported the company’s actual sales numbers.  The grade was changed to a “C” and then to a “B-” before it was changed to “no rating.”