Who Is Tiarra From Love And Hip Hop Pregnant By?

Update – August 4, 2016

According to Inquisitr Tiarra is pregnant by her husband, Bryan Shaw.  Her baby father is not J Nicks or Scrapp.

VH1 reports that Tiarra “Tia” Becca, whose real name is Tiarra Rebecca Gwynne, is pregnant but who’s her baby daddy!? That’s right, she’s expecting her fifth child and this article provides information on the father’s identity.  First, let’s discuss the show’s unforgettable finale.  It feels like this season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta just started, it’s hard to believe that it’s already over.

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According to International Business Times, Tia Becca brought J Nicks to her son’s birthday party but Karen King wasn’t having it.  KK’s argument is that her son, Scrapp can’t be there so J Nicks shouldn’t be there.  We agree, it’s one of the most ridiculous arguments ever but this is KK we’re talking about.

She also thinks that she should be able to use anyone’s identity anytime she needs some extra cash.  But J Nicks is Scrapp’s friend so it was messed up.  On another note, seeing King cry, when he heard Scrapp on the phone, was so sad.

Who Is Tiarra From Love And Hip Hop Pregnant By?
Who Is Tiarra From Love And Hip Hop Pregnant By?
J Nicks isn’t about that life so he leaves after Tia Becca explains the situation.  At the end of the episode Tia Becca reveals that she’s pregnant and of course she doesn’t provide any information about the father.  The baby is due on January 12 so she is 13 weeks along.


Some believe that Scrapp is the father.  They argue that Tia Becca and Scrapp were still having sexual relations before he went to jail.  When Karlie Redd told Tia that she hooked up with Scrapp, Tia flipped out like her and Scrapp were still together.  You would have thought Tia was expecting another baby by Scrapp…!?

J Nicks

J Nicks and Tia are currently together and she’s taking him serious.  Despite the amount of kids she has, J Nicks is still willing to be with her.  Is that because he knows that she’s pregnant with his baby? We’re going with J Nicks as the baby father.  We think that’s why he didn’t waste any time leaving Amber.