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What Is PLL Snapchat Name?

Hollywood Life reports that one of your favorite characters is getting engaged on Pretty Little Liars.  The episode reminds us of the Season 2 finale of Empire when we had no clue which couple would be walking down the aisle.  We think it’s gonna be Aria and Ezra.  Their relationship is stable and they’re the only couple that is actually together.

According to Entertainment Tonight, it looks like we were right! Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) proposed to Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale).  Are you following all of the show’s social media accounts? Pretty Little Liars Snapchat name is PLL:
What Is PLL Snapchat Name?
What Is PLL Snapchat Name?

Another thing the show has in common with Empire is cliffhangers.  The episode ended before Aria gave Ezra an answer.  PLL‘s showrunner, Marlene King explains that Aria and Ezra were the show’s first couple therefore they were the first to get engaged.  That doesn’t mean that the rest of the show’s couples will get engaged in order.

Marlene King’s Snapchat name is imarleneking.  Here’s a list of the show’s other characters on Snapchat:
We’ll find out Aria’s answer in the next episode!

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