What Is Johnny Manziel’s Snapchat Name?

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CBS Sports reports that Johnny Manziel promises that he’ll be back because “it can’t end like this.” I don’t understand how/when the quarterback became the underdog, but we’re all rooting for him!

Fox Sports explains that Jonathan Paul Manziel’s own father called him a “druggie.” While some are worried about him playing professional football again others are concerned about his personal health.  The former Texas A&M star recently told TMZ that he plans on going completely sober, but he’s changed his mind since then.

According to Yahoo, the Texas-native wants to play football again yet he won’t vow to stop drinking.  We want to see him return to the NFL and turn his life around.  The former Cleveland Browns quarterback recently joined everyone’s favorite photo-sharing app to give fans a closer look at his personal life.

Johnny Manziel’s Snapchat name is JManziel2:
What Is Johnny Manziel's Snapchat Name?
What Is Johnny Manziel’s Snapchat Name?

Johnny Manziel Steelers

Last month, the Pittsburgh Steelers made it clear that they had no intentions on signing the man that once earned the nickname, “Johnny Football.” ESPN reports that he had the best game of his career against The Black and Gold.  On November 15, 2015 he had 372 passing yards in a losing effort.  
He gave us a flashback of his glory days.  At one point, he completed 12 passes straight.  The problem for NFL teams is that the very young man is down but far from out.  If he were drafted to a better organization, would he be in the predicament that he’s in now? At 23-years-old he’s got more than enough time to turn his life around.  He’s either gonna make a NFL team look really smart or really dumb.  Only time will tell.


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