What Does See Translation Mean On Instagram?

The Instagram changes that we all thought would ruin the app aren’t so bad after all.  The newest change I’ve noticed is the see translation button.  Comments and profiles are translated automatically according to the language you have your device set on.

If the app doesn’t translate a comment or profile it’s because they haven’t added the language yet.  Check out this post for a tutorial on changing your language settings.
What Does See Translation Mean On Instagram?
What Does See Translation Mean On Instagram?

The question may seem to have an obvious answer but for those of us who have been using the photo-sharing app since day 1, it’s easy to panic when we notice these sudden changes.  The new feature works on photos and profiles.  I noticed the button on my friend’s feed story which was written in Spanish.

Engadget reports that the new feature was added so the company’s global audience can better understand each other.  Instagram’s 500 million registered users makes the app one of the most popular social networks the mobile web has ever seen.
While the number of users has increased, CNBC reports that the number of photos shared has decreased.  The company is considering adding the ability to repost images within the app.


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