What Does Do It For The Vine Mean?

What Does Do It For The Vine Mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase “do it for the Vine” means to do absolutely anything it takes for entertainment or comedic purposes.  When a person is trying to motivate another person to do something the simple saying typically seals the deal.

The phrase was used in the song #Everything by Far Young, an international vocal group.  Bad choices are often made when a person accepts the challenge.  It’s equivalent to a triple-dog-dare.

What Does Do It For The Vine Mean?
What Does Do It For The Vine Mean?

Billboard reports that the company is getting rid of its strict video limit.  Six seconds just isn’t enough! Some creators will have the ability to post videos up to 10 minutes long.  That means more time for you to show us what you got! Here are some unforgettable moments caught on the app:

When Cookie makes plans everyone is on board.  After Mimi makes it clear that she wants a piece of Anika, Boo Boo Kitty attempts to inform her that she doesn’t get down like that but Cookie intervenes and you remember what happened next:

On the first day of school a news reporter asked a student if he was gonna miss his mother.  He says no, but then he breaks down.  Adorable!

Andre Lyon aka Trai Byers made an appearance in the following video.  When Leonardo DiCaprio failed to clear the way for Lady Gaga the the award-winning singer made it clear that she was willing to do it for the Vine:


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