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Tommie From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Recap

In Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s “Family Business” episode Steven “Stevie J” Jordan and Joseline Hernandez see each other for the first time since separating.  Let’s start midway through the episode when singer, Faith Evans visits Sleazo at the studio.

The producer isn’t 100% evil.  VH1 reports that Stevie let Faith borrow $75,000 back in the day.  The talented singer used the money to buy a house.  At the studio, Sleazo opens up to Evans about him and Hernandez never being married.  
Stevie explains that him and Joseline are both in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards.  Stevie is staying at his friend Tony Deniro’s house when Hernandez stops by to discuss the status of their relationship.  The two end up hugging it out and then Tommie Lee aka Latisha Jefferson shows up.
Tommie From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Tommie From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta 
As usual, Joseline has it all figure out: First she explains that she is basically Stevie’s pimp.  “We all can love you, right Stevie?” One second later, Hernandez reveals that her plan is to expose T. Lee as a whore.  According to Hernandez, Tommie is lying about staying faithful to Scrapp while the rapper is locked up.
T. Lee explains that she never wanted to hookup with Stevie and her and Joseline end up twerking topless in the pool.  Stevie speaks the truth, explaining that he didn’t want to associate himself with the ladies because doing so would be disrespecting his nephew, Scrapp.

Tommie From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Tommie From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

In a recent interview with VH1 Hernandez discusses how she feels about Tommie and Tiarra.  She thinks that they’re following her and Stevie’s storyline just like her other cast mates.  

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