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Taye Diggs To Join The Cast Of ‘Empire’ In Barack Obama-Infused Role

TV Line reports that Scott Leo “Taye” Diggs has signed on for a recurring role on Fox’s hip-hop drama, Empire.  The actor will play Angelo Dubois, a city councilman that’s from a wealthy New York family.  We’re guessing he’ll have a feud with Lucious Lyon, similar to every other character on the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dubois has a Harvard law degree but focuses on local politics.  The Barack Obama comparisons were certainly expected as the show seems to be adding additional layers.  Can we handle anymore storylines!?
Taye Diggs Empire Fox Angelo Dubois
Taye Diggs Empire Fox Angelo Dubois
The character will most likely get along with Andre Lyon, considering the fact that they are both educated.  Lucious may send Andre to handle Angelo if he runs into any issues.  This may lead to a disagreement, as Andre is focused on Empire’s corporate welfare as opposed to helping the community as a whole.

The last time Hakeem Lyon shared his political views we begged him to stop.  Then he urinated in public, while sharing his belief that Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people.  We hope that he doesn’t have any interaction with the new character.

I think that him and Thirsty Rawlings, Lucious’ lawyer, may end up bumping heads.  Thirsty doesn’t do things by the book, instead, he follows his own set of rules.  A councilman from a wealthy family may take this personal.

By Jason John

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