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The Daily Beast reports that social media personality, Salice Rose, recently claimed that she lost two inches in two weeks, thanks to waist training.  The Mexican-American model has a Twitter following of over 60,000 people.  Unlike some celebrities, the beautiful diva’s followers share a genuine relationship with her, as many of them have supported her since day one.

Waist trainers have been described as modern-day corsets and many social media personalities are no longer promoting them.  The 22-year-old’s original Instagram pic that shows her wearing the product has since been deleted.  This may mean she no longer supports the product.  If you’re looking for pure entertainment on a consistent basis, follow her on Snapchat!

Salice Rose’s Snapchat name is Salice_Roseee:
Salice Rose Snapchat Name
Salice Rose Snapchat Name

According to Bloomberg, Kim Kardashian never stops waist training.  Mrs. West is often seen promoting Waist Gang Society’s promising products.  Viral images of her wearing the waist trainer lead sales to soar for several days.  Instagram is prime real estate for waist trainer companies who often pay big bucks to have celebrities promote their products.

Some say that waist trainers can do severe damage to your ribs while others fully support them.  Those against them argue that they constrict bones and organs too tightly.  Others argue that their harmless when used correctly.  Knowledge is the key here.  If you choose to use a waist trainer, see a doctor to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

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