Ron Newt’s Lawsuit Against Empire TV Show Tossed By Judge

Deadline reports that a federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit claiming that Lee Daniels, Terrence Howard and 20th Century Fox stole Ron Newt’s story after he shared with with Howard.  District Judge Consuelo Marshall explained that Empire and Newt’s screenplay are both about an African American drug dealer who has sons in the music industry but the works are not substantially similar.

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According to TV Week, Newt claimed he gave Howard a copy of his DVD, “Bigger Than Big” along with a registered screenplay.  Similar to Lucious Lyon, the character Howard plays on the show, not even the legal system can stop him.

Ron Newt Lawsuit Against Empire Tossed Out
Ron Newt Lawsuit Against Empire Tossed Out

Who Is Suing Empire, The Show?
The second the show premiered people started suing left and right.  One reason so many people have attempted to sue the show is because a successful black TV show is so rare these days.  The individuals that have sued use the following logic: When it seems too good to be true, it’s typically false.

A black TV show is so rare these days that it seems too good to be true.  They had to do something illegal in order to achieve their success.  I was surprised that the show’s second season was so entertaining.  Empire‘s producers have been distracted by false allegations yet they’ve been able to overcome.