Mike Epps Baby Mama

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The St. Louis American reports that Mike Epps’ baby mama, Mechelle, has requested spousal support and legal custody of their two children.  The couple married back in 2006.  Mechelle has stated that she was surprised to find out that Mike wanted a divorce.  The former couple met while filming The Fighting Temptations.  They have two daughters, Maddie and Mariah.
Hello Beautiful explains that Mechelle listed their date of separation as February 2016 while the stand-up comedian said in his documents that they had been apart since 2015.
Mike Epps Baby Mama
Mike Epps Baby Mama

Entertainment Weekly reports that Uncle Buck has been cancelled.  The show was hilarious but viewership decreased dramatically throughout the first season.  After the show’s first week, viewership dropped 33 percent among the 18 to 49-year-old demographic.

Back in 2013, the comedian called out his daughter, Bria, and her mother.  During a show, he said that they both looked like James Brown.


Mike Epps Baby Mama
Mike Epps Baby Mama
He didn’t stop there.  The actor, best known for his role as Day-Day, said that his daughter was jealous of his other kids because they have good hair.
The following video shows the actor’s daughter, Makayla:

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