Melissa McCarthy’s Death

Hello Giggles reports that Melissa Ann McCarthy’s clothing line has been doing very well.  Last year, the talented actress teamed up with Seven7 to create a plus size clothing collection.  She launched the line because the fashion industry wasn’t offering women in her size pieces she was looking for.

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According to Yahoo many brands end their sizes at a 12.  This forces women to have to shop at stores that offer larger sizes.  The 45-year-old is completely changing the women’s fashion industry and we love her for doing so.  Plus size women can now shop at the same stores as “normal” women.  If you’ve been paying attention to recent rumors you’re probably wondering how this is possible if Melissa McCarthy’s dead.
Melissa McCarthy's Death
Melissa McCarthy’s Death
Similar to the stars of Empire the actress has been the topic of a false rumor.  An article that went viral on Facebook explains that she passed away on Friday, July 29, 2016.  Another day, another death hoax.  The sad part is that these myths are often read by members of the person’s family.  There’s nothing scarier than reading about one of your loved ones dying and not being able to contact the individual to find out the truth.

Melissa McCarthy’s Turtleneck In Boss

On a lighter not, Entertainment Weekly explains that the actress has everyone wondering why she wears a turtleneck in The Boss.  Some believed it was because she was hiding a tattoo on her neck.  The actress explained that spend two hours getting dressed.  Hopefully she’ll launch a high neck Seven7 sweater!