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Marcus Vick Baby Mama Delicia Cordon

Wavy reports that Marcus Deon Vick has had one of the worst weeks of his entire life.  The former NFL football player’s baby mama recently responded to rumors involving LeSean Kamel McCoy infecting her with herpes.  His baby mother, Delicia Cordon, recently clapped back at the Newport News native via Twitter.

It all started when Marcus started tweeting about someone he knows who has been spreading herpes.  He eventually named McCoy and alleged that the Buffalo Bills running back gave Delicia the disease.  Cordon clapped back at her baby father, calling him a liar and threatening to expose something he did back in 2012.

Marcus Vick Baby Mama Delicia Cordon
Marcus Vick Baby Mama Delicia Cordon

Marcus Vick Runs From Cops

According to Barstool Sports, Michael Vick’s younger brother is seen in the video below running from the cops.  The incident took place aback in April 2016.  The 32-year-old was at the gym when the cops began questioning him about a warrant out for his arrest.

TMZ explains that the warrant was for a civil case.  After speaking to the police for about 10 minutes he decided that running from the cops was his best option.  He almost got away but a cop eventually caught the former Virginia Tech quarterback.  On July 11, 2016 he pled guilty to the resisting arrest charge and was sentenced to one month in jail.

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