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Love And Hip Hop Molestation Charges

According to International Business Times, Stevie J, whose real name is Steven Aaron Jordan, has filed a temporary restraining order on Joseline Hernandez aka Shenellica Bettencourt.  The Love And Hip Hop stars are at it again.  TMZ explains that Joseline posted a message on Twitter claiming Stevie had molested his six-year-old daughter, Eva Giselle.

There’s nothing worse than dragging innocent kids into adult affairs.  Joseline’s reputation for lying makes us think that she’s pulling another stunt.  Despite the fact that she is unreliable, allegations like these must be investigated to ensure that there is no foul play taking place.
Love And Hip Hop Molestation Charges
Love And Hip Hop Molestation Charges

Stevie J And Mimi Back Together

So are Stevie J and Mimi back together? Stevie moved back into the house that he shares with Mimi Faust and now that they’re both single, it only makes sense.  The two have a couple things in common:
  • They both hate Joseline Hernandez
  • They both love their daughter, Eva Giselle
  • They’re both single
Hopefully they can use their similarities as foundation for a fresh start.  We’ll never forget how bad Stevie made Mimi look in the show’s initial season, but she should give him another chance.
It the molestation charges are true then Stevie deserves to go to jail.  Moreover, if Joseline Hernandez is pregnant, forget about Stevie and Mimi getting back together.

By Jason John

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