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Krit McClean’s Parents

Heavy reports that Krit McClean was the naked model who danced and taunted police before he jumped 15 feet to the ground.  Luckily, he survived the plunge.  The incident started at about 8 AM.

New York Post reports that the naked model put on an hour-long peep show on Thursday morning.  The 21-year-old model told people how much he loved his mother and he called out Donald Trump.
Krit McCean Parents
His father, Vincent McClean is 70-years-old.  He is a former New York representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  When he was younger, Krit’s mother thought that his study of Japanese would benefit from cultural immersion so he spent numerous summers across the Pacific.
Empire is filmed in Chicago but the Lyon family lives in New York.  In the show’s first season Hakeem calls out President Obama and then urinates in public.  We guess Krit has been watching the show!? The incident was streamed live on Periscope.  What did we do before social media!?

He was hospitalized with minor injuries after the fall.  We hope he gets the help he needs.  Do you think Krit’s actions will have any impact on voters? The extent that people are willing to go to ensure that Donald Trump does not win the election…Wow!

By Jason John

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