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Joseline Hernandez Snapchat Name

International Business Times reports that there are still Love And Hip Hop Atlanta fans out there that don’t think Joseline Hernandez is really pregnant.  According to VH1, the reality star recent posted a picture of her ultrasound.  That would be enough proof for anyone else but we all know that Hernandez is a habitual liar.

The actress recently snagged a role in Lee Daniels’ new Fox series, Star.  Despite her dishonesty over the years, she’s doing the damn thing.  Follow her social media accounts to keep up with her latest adventure.  Joseline Hernandez’s Snapchat name is MsJoselineSnaps:
Joseline Hernandez Snapchat Name
Joseline Hernandez Snapchat Name

The reality star posted the image below, leading many to believe that she is not actually pregnant.  The VH1 star, whose real name is Shenellica Bettencourt, took the picture while she was in Tacoma, Washington partying at the Cultura Event Center.

We don’t see a baby bump, do you? The model and actress was attacked by Jessica Dime on another crazy episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.  Stevie J tried to make Shenellica jealous by brining Jessic to a pool party.  Jessica tries to attack Hernandez but Joseline just twerks what her momma gave her.  Jessica is escorted out.

Do you think she’s pregnant?

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